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   Fundraising Tips


1. Make it personal: Reach out to your friends, family and colleagues. It is a good idea to ask individuals personally, rather than with a mass message. The important part is that you make the message your own — why should they donate to your personal campaign? Be prepared with information about McLean in case they ask! We can supply you with some resources.

2. Post on social media: In addition to connecting with people one-on-one, social media can amplify reach and awareness and increase your fundraising totals.

3. Explain your "why": It can be helpful to explain why McLean and mental health are meaningful to you. Personal stories are great ways to inspire people and illustrate impact.

4. Provide context: Share how funds raised will enhance McLean’s ability to better support our patients and families. Our website is a helpful resource for this.

5. Use DonorDrive to its fullest: The DonorDrive platform is a useful tool. You can personalize your page, send messages directly to potential supporters and use the resource library. If you need additional support in doing this, feel free to reach out to Sandra Mueller at

6. Thank your donors: Thank each person who donates to your fundraiser. It will be meaningful that you reached out personally. It may also boost the likelihood that they will donate to your efforts in the future. Leave your supporters feeling good about their generosity!

7. Reach out to our team for additional support: If you have questions or need ideas, please reach out to Benjamin Ogilvy at We want your event to be a success and we are here to help!